Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I've been looking sporadically on YouTube for years for the old Outer Hebrides Broadcasting Corporation sketches from Naked Video. Thankfully it doesn't disappoint even after all these years.

Many, many thanks to The Croft for bringing this to my attention. Skip ahead to 2'48 and enjoy.

Hallo, hallo, hallo...

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Scottish Nature Boy said...

Hi Single Track - I also loved those "Eichai Vah (purely phonetic spelling - I can't do "The Gaelic") - welcome to the Utter Hebrides broadcasting corporation" sketches -Gregor Fisher in his comic genius pomp, in my view! Thanks for the memories with this post.

Single Track said...

So good to hear/see it again isn't it?

I found this "oidhche mhath" here http://www.scottishradiance.com/galsay/galsay9706.htm .... which kept me amused for a wee while!

Altogether now, "OHBC news!"