Thursday, 11 December 2008

Step back in time

They say you should never go back, don't they? Reunion gigs and tours are all the rage aren't they?

Normally I'd tut, harumph and snort derisively at this sort of thing but I must confess to being genuinely excited by the tickets I have for the upcoming "one-off for two shows only (sic)" gigs by the great Lost Soul Band.

If you've never heard them - or heard of them - (and there's really no reason why you should have) they're everything you could want in a band. Great tunes, great singer, countrified-soul, feeling of just-stumbled-across-them-in-a-pub...I've never seen them live but have acquired all their bits and bobs over the years and got to know their lead singer a few years back when we were both living in Edinburgh. Not together, mind. That would be weird.

I really can't wait, even if they have remixed my favourite song so that it's still great but just not quite as good as it was way back when. What a strange thing to do.

Check it out. Then tell everyone you know. At once...take my car!

The Lost Soul Band.

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