Friday, 20 March 2009

10-4 good buddy, what's your 20?

If the title makes no sense, you really need to watch Convoy or Smokey and The Bandit. Or both. Definitely both.

I started a Twitter discussion earlier (I say discussion, but no-one's replied yet, what do I care?) on the idea that Twitter is the Citizens' Band Radio of the 21st Century. The flaw, I now realise, is that you're not legally allowed to text and drive which means you'd have to do it as the passenger, which kind of takes some of the 70's road movie romance out of it. It's never going to catch on with solo truckers is it?

"Handles" are definitely better than "usernames" I reckon but the problems of incorrect predictive text might make putting the pedal to the metal problematic...peebl to the netal good buddy?

Who needs a Bluetooth headset...

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