Friday, 12 June 2009

Post-man electric blues...

Ah. Patience is indeed a virtue.

After some months of waiting my internet only pre-order copy of the new Idlewild album, Post Electric Blues, arrived today.

Unlike many online retailers, the band have been very good about keeping in touch to let fans know of order progress. It seems that, from Idlewild's perspective, the whole process has been beset by difficulties, indeed there's a wee note to that effect in the envelope.

I have to admit to not paying a great deal of attention at the point of sign up. I was just excited to see a new album which came with fifteen free live downloads for those ordering (15 from a selection from their King Tut's residency in December last year), a bonus cd track AND my name in the list of credits on the album artwork! However, I have managed to gather that it is the internet pre-ordering which has effectively paid for the recording and the band have politely requested that owners of the album respect the ideals behind the project and don't pass it on for free.

Fine by me. Really looking forward to hearing which (apologies in advance for this) 'direction' the band have taken in light of Roddy Woomble's folky forays of the last few years.

As they say, watch this space.

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