Thursday, 29 January 2009

All those things I should be doing...

Sitting at a computer keyboard awaiting inspiration (for what, percisely?) not really being one of them.

It happens a lot. I sit down, check a few emails, do a few vaguely useful things: check transport timetables, read Tom Morton's blog, read Dave Gorman's blog, maybe check the online banking and then it grips me. The web-forgetfulness. There's maybe a name for it, Microsoft Amnesia V2.0? Norton Insecurity? Either way, I can never seem to remember all the things I wanted to find out about. As the aformentioned Mr. Gorman once said:

"My computer is attached to the Internet. The Internet contains everything in the whole wide world ever. I don't know about you, but I sometimes find everything in the whole wide world ever to be a bit distracting."

Then, almost without warning and - almost inevitably at around 3am - it all comes out in a flood. I wanted to: find Charlie Connelly's new book on GreenMetropolis, check out the chords for "Wall of Death", see what Mike Nesmith's up to, follow that link I spotted earlier to Neil Halstead's new website which then makes me want to see where Mojave 3 are now and that'll then mean I'll have to see where the other (forgotten) great and good are now too - Swiss Family Orbison, Eugene Kelly - and Jim (James) Grant too. He was on telly the other night. Is he gigging? What about the Outsider festival? Are any acts announced yet? Belladrum for that matter? And Twitter. Is is worth bothering about? Should I investigate further? How do I get all those widgets on my blog? The BookJetty one I used to have was good but not quite right and I don't know if I can remember my login details. Aargh. Do you see what happens?

I need a lie down. Then I can get someone to take a picture of me lying down and use it to have a go at Obamicon-ing myself.

Because clearly I need to do that.

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