Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dangerously close to a kum-by-ah moment...

I'm not long back from a trip to see the excellently named Otis Gibbs play the equally splendidly monickered Twisted Wheel club in Glasgow.

Otis is a singer-songwriter in the Woody Guthrie/Steve Earle style, with a crop of facial hair in the ZZ Top style and a terrific line in between song patter.

As we sang along, as requested, to an anti-war number with the refrain 'one day our whispers will be louder than your screams,' a genuinely pleased Mr. Gibbs gave us the title of this post...

Well worth checking out, if only for his endearingly poor impersonation of Billy Bragg's exhortations to try black pudding and "something called a publunch (said as one word)"

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