Friday, 22 May 2009

A dusty walk to the tap

Just come across this in last weekend's Guardian Family section; couldn't agree more...

At home

In the US, there are "campers" who head into the wilderness, tents on backs - and there are the "car-campers", much derided by hardliners for bringing along a vehicle full of "essentials". In the spirit of British invention, why not try "house-camping"?

Our impetus to set up a tent on the lawn came from a need to air the tent for future trips and a failure to plan for the bank holiday. Surprisingly, there was still the same sense of anticipation of sleeping outside, the same excitement in "helping" Dad put up the tent and, even better, the chance to get really filthy - especially while preparing marshmallows over the fire pit.

True, there is no new environment to explore - the fun derives from looking at the same place in a new way. Plus, the next morning, there is little packing to be done, the bathroom facilities are excellent, and making coffee does not involve a dusty walk to the tap, a gas canister and a long wait.

Rebecca Gardner

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