Monday, 25 January 2010

No Bonus For RBS

Self explantory really.

Legendary politcal activist and protest singer Billy Bragg....blah,blah,blah...any fan of Bill's will tell you that he's always been more of a real-life chronicler and love-song balladeer than a fist waving, ranting political polemic kinda guy. Though, understandably, ranting tends to attract more attention than singing sweetly...

Anyway, Bill is - rightly - outraged at the potential payment of bonuses to high-flying RBS types in light of the fact that we, the UK taxpayers, own 84% of the bank and, as such, have a right to veto. The web is, at the moment, full of Bill's Campaign (he's even got himself a website all about it) and he's omnipresent in radio and tv interviews.

Fair Play Bill I reckon. I've long thought that the country would be a better place with BB for PM.

Facebook campaign anyone?

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