Sunday, 8 February 2009

Jones the Steam...a made guy?

I Twittered (Tweeted? Twat?) last night about Ivor the Engine and Tony Soprano...I feel I should explain.

Late on last night, in light of the usual round of sod all on the telly of a Saturday evening, we sat down to watch the next episode of The Sopranos which we had as part of our latest shipment from Sofa Cinema. Imagine our surprise - and subsequent delight - to find that instead of Tony and co. backed by the soundtrack of the Alabama 3, we had our daughter's Ivor the Engine compilation in the DVD player! No difference at all...

The images - and sounds - conjured up are just fantastic. You really have to get into character but I can just about hear Jones the Steam telling Dai Station in his broadest Welsh accent "Hey, forgeddaboutit, I just whacked some guy..." or, perhaps better yet, Tony Soprano in full New Jersey-Italian saying, "It wasn't a very big or a very important railway but it was all there was..."

Ba da boom, ba da bing...isn't it?

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