Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Clear the (Tweet)decks!

So, the whole Twitter thing seems to have exploded of late. I don't want to climb aboard some early adopters bandwagon here, but I was using it last year for a bit then kind of fell out of it before coming back to it recently. I kind of like it as a mad-waste-of-time-displacement-activity-when-you-know-you-REALLY-should-be-doing-something-more-constructive application. I've been enjoying TinyTwitter on my new phone and have been looking at the other 'apps' (hey, get me!) lately too.

Tweetdeck is just marvellous. Having seen it as the "from" entry on a good number of posts I decided to give it a go yesterday and had a good old chortle to myself as the great Eddie Izzard started up a "so, um" thread whereby every post had to be preceded by the phrase "so, um" in an American-college-movie/Wonder Years stylee. Very amusing. Up to a point.

Tonight I decided to conduct a wee experiment. As I was going to be watching the (nearly always) excellent Grand Designs anyway I thought I'd have a Grand Designs thread window opened on Tweet Deck to see what happened...what a hoot. Why were all these people who were supposedly watching the show Tweeting away the whole time? Regardless, it was good value and really added to my enjoyment of the show.

My good lady and I watch and wonder every week for the "I just wonder..." moment, which is where the programme's host, the ever-erudite and unfailingly excellent Kevin McCloud praises various bits of the build, applauds the couple who've done the self-build, laments the planning process and then turns to camera to raise an eyebrow (two on a bad week!) and says something like: "I just wonder if maybe they should have dispensed with the zinc roof/gone with the underfloor heating/used local stone/bulldozed the whole carbuncle and started again..." in a very polite fashion. Easily the best bit of the show.

But what fun having the Twitterers running in the background. Dave Gorman spoke recently of the value of Twitter in "covering" the Brit Awards for him when he was doing something else and tonight I could really see it in action.

By way of background, tonight's Grand Designs involved a couple building an "earthship-inspired" home in Brittany. Some of the postings on Twitter were a joy:

Liking the house design on grand designs. Liking the cost of the plot. Liking the French planning laws. NOT liking the hippies who own it!
Another night of zero productivity... MasterChef rocks! {Come on the Matt!}... now a cool Grand Designs... the TV has got me :)
Grand designs and a cuppa! Sounds like my kinda evening!
Watching Grand Designs on 4. Thought 'oh oh! soap dodgers building a house from rubbish, Stig of the Dump stylee'. However, it's very cool!
Chilling out watching Grand Designs, wondering just when Kevin will express concern...
Is clenching his teeth at the Guardian reading people on Grand Designs who seem to be recreating a particularly annoying Orange advert...
Kevin McCloud just said "Dirt Bitch" on Grand Designs, I won't deny that I rather liked it, in fact maybe a little toooooo much
finding this episode of Grand Designs hard work. rather dislike the couple, and really sceptical of "earthships".
Grand Designs is making me grumpy now - lots of pseudo ethnic shite being spoken. Kevin's being suitably sardonic.
watching Grand Designs - Kevin is worried about the aesthetic - I'm worried about the hippies living in it

Saving the best for last though...

grand designs?! you get out of a house what you put in. they used recyled, tatty, shitty crap. oh, to my surprise, and look what happened!

Brilliant. Who needs the telly? Long live the Twits!

Thursday edit: just had to include this, the Grand Designs Drinking Game - another Twitter post.


Fluffy said...

She stole it from me. I wrote the game up on Facebook and she's passing it off as hers! Pathetic.

The group predates her post by a week.

Single Track said...

ls she passing it off as her own? I don't see a claim of invention on her post, just a 'we really enjoy...' Surely the internet is all about sharing? Okay, you could argue she's plagiarising but why not simply take it as a compliment on your excellent idea? Go Kevin!