Friday, 13 February 2009

Okay, I take it all back. Well, nearly all...Fort William has finally redeemed itself to me.

Food last night in the Brewer's Fayre - I know, I know, but if you have to eat alone best not to do it in a cosy, quiet place methinks - was tasty and cheap: chilli with rice, tortillas, onion rings and garlic bread plus a pint of Belhaven Best and a cappuccino for a shade over 12 quid. Then the taxi back to the B&B, the driver must have spotted me hobbling because he went to tje bother of manouevring the cab into the fairly awkward space outside my home for the night, he then went on to flummox me further in the payment stakes. It was £3.10 for the trip, I only had a £20 and he'd been very helpful so I said 'just take four' to which he replied 'och vehave yourself, call it three pounds' !

Breakfast exceeded all expectations by bursting straight into Number One spot in 'best b&b breakfast ever' with a stack of homemade thick pancakes, crispy bacon, maple syrup and a proper pot of coffee...the landlady even took me to the train station in her Mini Cooper. You don't get that at the Travel Inn.

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